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AOW、珍愛AOW、珍愛AOW學苑、Art Of Wine、WSET、侍酒師比賽、侍酒師、品酒師證照

珍愛葡萄酒藝術有限公司(簡稱AOW: Art Of Wine)為葡萄酒媒體與顧問單位,也是台灣最具規模的酒類教育推廣中心,作為台灣市場的第一及領導者,我們長期致力於教育、顧問、媒體公關活動和文化領域的推廣,並專注於酒類培訓教育,提供葡萄酒與烈酒講座與VIP活動、英國WSET國際教育課程等。

珍愛AOW擁有眾多海內外夥伴,並與大專院校長期共同合作,致力提升台灣葡萄酒文化與專業鑑賞能力。台灣第一家開設高階國際葡萄酒專業認證機構,與世界排名且知名的英國波特酒權威Mr. Godfrey Spence先生合作。AOW多次受邀講授大師講堂等活動,常期舉辦酒類相關媒體發佈會與專業酒商交流活動,期能將佳釀美酒帶給葡萄酒愛好者、專業人士與業內同仁,共同為台灣餐飲業文化努力。

Art Of Wine(AOW) Co., Ltd is a wine and spirits consulting company based in Taiwan. As one of the market leaders, we have grown with the rise of the wine and spirits market in Asia by accumulating experiences in the areas of education, consulting, media events, and culture. We have a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who put themselves in the hospitality industry. AOW with all of our partner will co-create the progress of the hospitality culture in Taiwan. AOW is the first unit in Taiwan to provide the higher level International Certification courses and co-ordinates with the world-renowned Port Master Mr. Godfrey Spence.

AOW often holds the wine-related media conference and winery events for the professional; now formallyAOW has been invited to teach in some occasions, such as wine lovers, enthusiasts and the Master auditorium to professionals to promote wine culture and knowledge in Taiwan.


​創辦人  翁曉蕾 Sherry Weng 

AOW、珍愛AOW、珍愛AOW學苑、Art Of Wine、Sherry、珍愛葡萄酒創辦人、創辦人、YSC大賽主席、主席、founder、chairperson、YSC


Sherry Weng is the founder of Art Of Wine (AOW) and the chairperson of YSC. 
We create the connection between people through the exquisite service and tasty food and hope that all of our friends connect with each other to tell their own story.

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